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Excelta's cutting pliers are divided into three basic categories: side or diagonal cutters, specialty cutters, and height-calibrated "stand off" shear cutters.

Other cutting tools include our cutting tweezers, scissors, and scalpels. For non-cutting pliers, visit our pliers section.

Every pair of Excelta cutters is engineered to last. Make use of our convenient Care & Reconditioning services to keep your cutters in top condition.

Reconditioning Services

On the hunt for the perfect pair of diagonal/side cutters? Use our handy Cutter Selection Guide to quickly find the model that meets your needs.

Cutter Selection Guide

5 Levels of Precision

Ultra Precision ★★★★★

Side Cutters   |   Specialty Cutters   |   Shear Cutters

Excelta's Lazer Line® family of cutters are made in the USA at our Buellton, CA headquarters to exacting specifications. Cutting-edge manufacturing methods and innovative blade grinding techniques come together in top-of-the-line cutting tools.

Very High Precision ★★★★

9200 Slim Line   |   7200 Large Cutters

Excelta's Slim Line series utilize the high-tech manufacturing processes of our Lazer Line® family of cutters in an updated, compact tool that combines excellent, four-star precision with a reduced price. Our large side cutters, designed to cut 14 to 12 AWG wire, also meet our four-star precision requirements.

High Precision ★★★

Cable & Tube   |   Depanelizer

Excelta's Cable & Tubing Cutters and depanelizing tools meet a three-star precision level, ensuring smooth and clean shear cuts whether you're cutting tabs on circuit boards or slicing through plastic tubing.

Fine Precision ★★

Compound Action   |   Steel Body

Balancing accuracy, strength, and cost, Excelta's hard wire cutters all meet a two-star fine precision level with stainless steel construction and carbide cutting inserts.

General Precision


Our versatile SE-25 shear cutters are an affordable, effective tool for cutting 20AWG or smaller wire. These extremely versatile cutters are small, sharp, and surprisingly strong.


Hone & Cut

Using proprietary high-precision grinding techniques, the blades of our cutting pliers are brought into perfect alignment, and may be equipped with a small hone. A hone serves to greatly improve strength and durability of the tool at the expense of leaving a "pinch" on the wire.

At Excelta, each of our cutting tools has one of three types of hone, to allow our customers to choose the hone type that is right for their job. Learn more about our hone types below:

.010" (.25mm) Hone

Semi-Flush cutters have a cutting edge with a .010” bevel. The extra metal reinforces the cutting edge, increasing durability and allowing more cuts than an optimum flush cutter, but leaving a ‘pinch’ on the wire.

.005" (.13mm) Hone

Optimum-Flush cutters have a cutting edge with a .005” bevel, which produces a smaller ‘pinch’ on the lead/wire than a semi-flush cutter, but maintains some support for the cutting edge. The smaller bevel splits the difference between Semi-Flush and Lazer-Flush cutters.

.000" (0mm) Hone

Lazer-Flush cutters have no bevel, producing a pure, clean cut with no ‘pinch’ on the lead/wire. The cutting edges are extremely sharp, but are more delicate. As a result, life is reduced over other hone types.

Cutters by Type

Small Cutters

9230 Series   |   Slim Line

Designed from the ground up for work in small spaces, our "30-series" side cutters use ESD-safe, low-profile molded grips and relieved blades to make extremely precise cuts where other tools can't fit.

Medium Head - 9200 Series

Among our best selling cutting pliers, Excelta's 9200 series are short-handled, ultra-precision tools with a track record of success. New to the series are the black oxidized Slim Line cutters. The black finish reduces rust and glare when working under magnification, and a slimmed-down frame provides better handling while supporting a medium-sized cutting head.

Medium Head - 7000 Series

Available with both short- and long-handled grips, Excelta's 7000 Series feature updated head geometry for improved performance and an extended operational life. Our 7000 Series tools are all made in the USA and conform to our highest precision standards.

Large Head

Capable of cutting wire up to .08" (2mm) in diameter, our large head cutters maintain a very high precision rating. Outfitted with our ergonomic, ESD-safe (108 ohms/sq.) molded grips, these hard-working cutters are comfortable to use.

Hard Wire Cutters

Medium Head   |   Compound Action

Excelta's line of hard wire cutters are equipped with extremely hard tungsten carbide inserts. At roughly twice the density of steel and diamond-sharpened, these blades will make short work of difficult wire such as piano wire and nitinol.

Angled Cutters

Small   |   Medium   |   Large

Available in large, medium, and small sizes, Excelta's angled cutters are precision machined at our headquarters in Buellton, CA in the USA and held to our highest quality standards. The 50° angled blades are prevented from overtravel by a set screw for prolonged life.

Long Nose Fine Tip Cutters

Miniature   |   Small   |   Medium

For use in deep pockets and hard-to-reach places, our long nose tip cutters can extend relieved cutting blades up to an inch past the tool's pivot point without sacrificing precision. A set screw prevents overtravel to protect the blades, and our miniaturized models offer the smallest blades our engineers can produce.

Transverse Cutters

Excelta's transverse cutters are perfect for trimming wire ends where space is at a premium. Narrow jaws and razor-sharp cutting blades are supported by a set screw, which is calibrated to keep the blades from colliding after the cut to extend the life of the tool.

Cable & Tubing Cutters

Cutters   |   Expanders   |   Medical

For smooth, clean cuts through plastic tubing and soft cables, explore Excelta's offering of Cable & Tubing Cutters, including light- and heavy-duty shears and medical tubing cutters with replaceable steel blades. We also offer a line of tubing expanders.

"Stand off" Shear Cutters

Large Frame   |   Small Frame

Designed for the cutting of connector pins and component leads, these tools feature close tolerance "stand off" blocks to ensure that you are left with the desired length of remaining material, every single time.