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Small Relieved

These Lazer Line® small relieved fine tip cutters are made of AISI 52/100 carbon tool steel steel with induction hardened cutting blades to RHC 63-65. The CNC machining allows the joint surfaces to be perfect to allow for long life. These tools offer LAZER FLUSH CUT. The dual leaf springs provide smooth action. The set-screw prevents over-travel while prolonging the life of the tool.

  • LONG TealShield™ Antimicrobial Cushioned Grips - Anti-Static (10¹⁰ ohms/sq).
  • MOLDED TealShield™ Antimicrobial Grips - Anti-Static (10¹⁰ ohms/sq)

Item Precision Level Max Cut Capacity OAL Tip Length Unit Purchase
Cutter -*****- Relieved Fine Tip - Opt.Flush - 6"
st@rst@rst@rst@rst@r 22 AWG<br>.02"<br>.63mm <B>LONG Grips</font></B><br>5.75"<br>144mm .175"<br>4.38mm
In Stock: 34 In Stock: 34
Cutter -*****- Relieved Fine Tip - Opt.Flush - 5"
st@rst@rst@rst@rst@r 22 AWG<br>.02"<br>.63mm <font color=#0d786f><B>MOLDED Grips</font></B><br>5"<br>125mm .175"<br>4.38mm
In Stock: 42 In Stock: 42

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