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Exotic Metals/Coatings

Several of our most popular style tweezers are now offered in alternative materials and coatings to increase performance, including titanium, ceramic, antimicrobial, and diamond.

  • Titanium - Extreme Strength,Non-Corrosive,Non-Magnetic,Temp. Resistant 804°F (430°C)
  • Super Neverust® (AISI 904L) - High Corrosion Resistant, Anti-Magnetic
  • TealShield™ Antimicrobial - Effective in killing micro-organisms
  • Ceramic Coated Tips - Temperature Resistant to 1600°F (871°C), Very Hard
  • Diamond Coated Tips - Temperature Resistant to 662°F (350°C), Very Hard
  • Teflon Coated Tips - Prevents Marring and Scratching (3 quality grades)
  • Brass - Non-Sparking, Non-Scratching