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Titanium alloy tweezers are designed for high temperature applications (806°F/430°C). They are very light and have high resistance to most acids. They feature zero magnetic retentivity and solder will not stick to them. The titanium alloy highlights our hardest points.

Item Precision Level Shape Tip Size (CTM) OAL Unit Purchase
Forceps -****- Straight Tapered Ultra Fine - 4.25"
Forceps -****- Straight Tapered Ultra Fine - 4.25"
Designed for microscopy. The style 5 has the finest points available. The tapered body offers better visibility when working under a scope. This is the ultimate high resolution microscopy tweezer.
<img src="assets/site/img/sm.png"> Tapered<br>Ultra fine Points .003" X .0025"<br>.075mm x .0625mm 4.25"<br>106mm
In Stock: 60 In Stock: 60
Forceps -****- Straight Very Fine - 4.25" Titanium
Forceps -****- Straight Very Fine - 4.25" Titanium
Designed for work under magnification.
<img src="assets/site/img/sm.png"> Very Fine Points .0031" x .005"<br>.08mm x .13mm, <br><div class="drawing"><p>Line Drawing</p><figure><img src="/assets/site/img/drawings/3C-TAdwg.jpg"> 4.25"<br>106mm
In Stock: 66 In Stock: 66
Forceps -****- Curved Tapered Very Fine - 4.5" Tit
Forceps -****- Curved Tapered Very Fine - 4.5" Tit
The 45° curved tapered very fine precision point tweezer allows maximum visibility under magnified applications.
<img src="assets/site/img/sm.png"> 55° Curved<br>Tapered, <br>Very Fine Points .0094" x .0062"<br>.235mm x .155mm, <div class="drawing"><P>Line Drawing<f><img src="assets/site/img/drawings/7-tadwg.jpg"></div> 4.50"<br>113mm
In Stock: 122 In Stock: 122
Forceps -****- Flat Point -  Titanium
Forceps -****- Flat Point - Titanium
The 2A-TA flat pointed tweezer is ideal for handling labels or SMD components.
st@rst@rst@rst@r<br><img src="/assets/site/img/sm.png"> Round Flat Points .008" X .059"<br>.2mm X 1.5mm 4.75"<br>113mm
In Stock: 162 In Stock: 162

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