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Ceramic Coated Tips

These tweezers are made of stainless steel (AISI 440) and feature Cerakote™ C0105 Ceramic Coated Tips. This coating will withstand temperatures of up to 1600°F (871°C). They offer superior protection against corrosive environments. They are magnetic and very hard.

Item Precision Level Shape Tip Size (CTM) OAL Unit Purchase
Tweezer-****-Ceramic coated-4.25"
Tweezer-****-Ceramic coated-4.25"
Designed for microscopy. The style 5 has the finest points available. The tapered body offers better visibility when working under a scope. This is the ultimate high resolution microscopy tweezer.
<img src="assets/site/img/sm.png"> Tapered<br>Ultra fine Points .002" x .004"<br>.05mm x .10mm 4.25"<br>106mm
In Stock: 21 In Stock: 21
Tweezer-****-Ceramic coated-4.25"
Tweezer-****-Ceramic coated-4.25"
Designed for work under magnification
<img src="assets/site/img/sm.png"> Very Fine Points .004" x .007"<br>.1mm x .17mm 4.25"<br>106mm
In Stock: 12 In Stock: 12
Tweezer-****-Ceramic coated-4.5"
Tweezer-****-Ceramic coated-4.5"
Designed for strength, not precision. The robust tips hold their shape.
<img src="assets/site/img/sm.png"> Strong Medium Points .010" x .018"<br>.25mm x .45mm 4.5"<br>113mm
In Stock: 33 In Stock: 33
Tweezer-****-Ceramic coated-4.5"
Tweezer-****-Ceramic coated-4.5"
The 45° curved tapered very fine precision point tweezer allows maximum visibility under magnified applications.
<img src="assets/site/img/sm.png"> 55° Curved<br>Tapered<br>Very Fine Points .004" x .007"<br>.1mm x .17mm 4.5"<br>113mm
Out of Stock In Stock
Tweezer-****-Ceramic coated-4.75"
Tweezer-****-Ceramic coated-4.75"
The 2A-S-CC flat pointed tweezer is ideal for handling labels or SMD components.
<img src="assets/site/img/sm.png"> Tapered<br>Round Flat Points .008" X .059"<br>.2mm X 1.5mm 4.75"<br>119mm
In Stock: 53 In Stock: 53

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