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Tubing Expander

These stainless steel reverse action tubing expanders have been specifically designed to expand the end of flexible tubing for inserting into plastic or metal fittings and connections. As the handles are squeezed, the tips open. The main use of these Excelta expanders is to expand flexible tubing to allow it to easily fit onto equipment connections. The tube expanders also work really well with heat shrink tubing. The expanding pliers are designed to help ease hand fatigue and to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome when working with small flexible tubing connections. These are made of stainless steel and are also autoclavable. The expanding tool is easy to operate, just insert the tip of the plier into the tube and squeeze the handle to expand the tube. With this, you can easily place the tube into the fitting. This tube expanding tool is 5” long. It expands a 0.10” tube to a 0.13” opening.

Item Precision Level OAL Tube Size Expanded Size Unit Purchase
Tubing Expanders - Straight -**- SS - .13" to .19"
Tubing Expanders - Straight -**- SS - .13" to .19"
st@rst@r 5"<br>(125mm) .13"<br>3.25mm .19"<br>4.75mm
In Stock: 4 In Stock: 4
Plier -**- Tube Expanding - 5" SS .10" Tube to .13
Plier -**- Tube Expanding - 5" SS .10" Tube to .13
st@rst@r 5"<br>(125mm) .1"<br>2.5mm .13"<br>3.25mm
In Stock: 179 In Stock: 179
Plier -**- Tube Expanding - 5" SS .07" Tube to .10
Plier -**- Tube Expanding - 5" SS .07" Tube to .10
st@rst@r 5"<br>(125mm) .07"<br>1.75mm .1"<br>2.5mm
In Stock: 39 In Stock: 39

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