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1. Choose head shape based on the following:

  • The Oval Head cutter is the most common head for cutting tools. It allows for the maximum amount of ‘metal’ behind the cutting edge delivering an extremely long tool life.
  • The tapered Head was developed to allow the cutting tool to get into those “hard to reach” areas. It was designed more along diagonal lines with less “metal” behind the cutting edge.
  • The Tapered/Relieved Head allows for the most access to “hard to reach” areas. In addition to having a diagonal profile, the face has been relieved allowing even greater access.

2. Choose 'Type of Cut' based on the following:

  • Semi-Flush cutters have a cutting edge with a .010” bevel, which produces more cuts than an Optimum flush cutter but leaves a ‘pinch’ on the wire.
  • Optimum-Flush cutters have a cutting edge with a .005” bevel, which produces a smaller ‘pinch’ on the lead/wire than a semi-flush cutter. The smaller bevel means fewer cuts than a semi-flush cutter.
  • Lazer-Flush cutters have no bevel producing a pure, clean cut with no ‘pinch’ on the lead/wire. The cutting edges are extremely sharp. Cutting life is once again reduced over either of the above.

3. Find your wire type & size then choose the cutter from this chart:

  • Hard Wire - Annealed Stainless Steel, Nitinol, Titanium, Polypropylenes. Tensile Strength 116,000/19,000 PSI
  • Soft Wire - Copper Wire, Rubber, Polyurethanes and PTFE. Tensile Strength up to 30,000 PSI
Part #
.001"  .03mm  50 AWG
.002"  .05mm  44 AWG
.003"  .08mm  40 AWG
.005"  .13mm  36 AWG
.008"  .20mm  32 AWG
.010"  .25mm  30 AWG
.012"  .30mm  28 AWG
.015"  .38mm  27 AWG
.016"  .40mm  26 AWG
.018"  .45mm  25 AWG
.020"  .50mm  24 AWG
.025"  .63mm  22 AWG
.028"  .70mm  21 AWG
.030"  .75mm  20 AWG
.032"  .80mm  20 AWG
.036"  .90mm  19 AWG
.040"  1.00mm  18 AWG
.042"  1.05mm  18 AWG
.045"  1.13mm  17 AWG
.050"  1.25mm  16 AWG
.060"  1.50mm  15 AWG
.064"  1.60mm  14 AWG
.080"  2.00mm  12 AWG
9231E OF   Oval   Soft                                                  
9232E LF Oval   Soft                                              
9238E LF Tap/Rel   Soft                                              
Medium - Slim Line
9240E/SL SF Oval   Soft                                              
9241E/SL OF Oval   Soft                                              
9242E/SL LF Oval   Soft                                              
9243E/SL SF Tap   Soft                                              
9244E/SL OF Tap   Soft                                              
9245E/SL LF Tap   Soft                                              
9246E/SL SF Tap/Rel   Soft                                              
9247E/SL OF Tap/Rel   Soft                                              
9248E/SL LF Tap/Rel   Soft                                              
7140E/7240E   SF Oval   Soft                                              
7141E/7241E   OF Oval   Soft                                              
7142E/7242E LF Oval   Soft                                              
7143E/7243E SF Tap   Soft                                              
7144E/7244E OF Tap   Soft                                              
7145E/7245E LF Tap   Soft                                              
7146E/7246E SF Tap/Rel   Soft                                              
7147E/7247E OF Tap/Rel   Soft                                              
7148E/7248E LF Tap/Rel   Soft                                              
7210E SF Oval   Soft                                              
7250E SF Oval   Soft                                              
7251E OF Oval   Soft                                              
7260E SF Oval   Soft                                              
7261E OF Oval   Soft                                              
2899EHT SF Oval   Hard                                              
2897EHT SF Oval   Hard                                              
2896EHT SF Oval   Hard                                              
2876EHT SF Tap   Hard                                              
C7245X LF Tap   Hard