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Medium Head

These multi-purpose semi-flush cutters features stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance and carbide inserts for maximum blade life. They are specifically HARD WIRE CUTTERS. They feature dual leaf springs for smooth action.

  • STANDARD Cushioned Grip - Antimicrobial Anti-Static (10¹⁰ ohms/sq.)
Item Precision Level Type of Cut Max Cut Capacity OAL Unit Purchase
Cutter -**- Round Head - Semi-Flush - Hard Wire -
st@rst@r<br><img src="/assets/site/img/usfin.png"> <div class="semi-flush"></div> 20AWG<br>.032"<br>.8mm <font color=#0d786f><B>STANDARD Grips<font></B><br>5.5"<br>138mm
Out of Stock In Stock
Cutter -**- Round Head - Semi-Flush - Hard Wire -
st@rst@r<br><img src="/assets/site/img/usfin.png"> <div class="semi-flush"></div> 24AWG<br>.02"<br>.5mm <div class="drawing"><P>Line Drawing<f><img src="assets/site/img/drawings/2897EHTdwg.jpg"></div>, <font color=#0d786f><B>STANDARD Grips<font></B><br>4.5"<br>112mm
In Stock: 17 In Stock: 17
Cutter -**- Round Head - Semi-Flush - Hard Wire -
st@rst@r<br><img src="/assets/site/img/usfin.png"> <div class="semi-flush"></div> 28AWG<BR>.012"<br>.3mm <font color=#0d786f><B>STANDARD Grips<font></B><br>4.5"<br>112mm
In Stock: 22 In Stock: 22
Cutters - Medium Round Head - Hard Wire -**- SS/Ca
st@rst@r<br>Cleanroom Safe<br><img src="/assets/site/img/usfin.png"> <div class="semi-flush"></div> 28AWG<BR>.012"<br>.3mm <B>No Grips</font></B><br>4.5"<br>113mm
In Stock: 21 In Stock: 21
Cutter -**- Taper Head - Semi-Flush - Hard Wire -
st@rst@r<br>Tapered<br><img src="/assets/site/img/usfin.png"> <div class="semi-flush"></div> 30AWG<br>.01"<br>.8mm <font color=#0d786f><B>STANDARD Grips<font></B><br>4.25"<br>106mm
In Stock: 85 In Stock: 85

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