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With a history stretching back to the bronze age, pliers are some of humanity's simplest and most useful hand tools. Pliers are joined at a pivot, and use the simple mechanic of leverage to multiply the force of the human grip many times over, allowing the tool's jaws to hold, bend, compress, or cut with ease.

Because of their simplicity and general utility, pliers are not only a household tool around the world, but have been adapted to perform nearly any task where a moderate amount of force must be exerted in a small space.

Excelta offers a wide range of steel pliers. Our general purpose models offer comfortable ergonomic grips and strengthened jaws in a variety of useful "nose" shapes. We are proud to carry specialized pliers perfect for working with copper wire, small parts handling, jewelry making, and for use in sterile environments. We also offer extremely high-precision models, milled from carbon steel at our headquarters in California and rigorously quality tested.

Please find our cutting pliers in the Cutting Tools section.

All the pliers your heart desires:

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Size & Type

MINI Miniature Pliers

Ideal for handling small items that are too large to handle with tweezers, Excelta's miniature pliers are self-opening and have the smallest tips available. They are made of stainless steel to prevent oxidation and are cleanroom safe. Overall length is 3” (75mm).

SMALL Small Pliers

★★  Two-star Precision (Fine)

At 4-3/4" (120mm) long, Excelta's small stainless steel pliers are compact tools that will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Short handles with cushioned, ESD safe (1010 ohms/sq) grips afford plenty of leverage towards .9" (22.5mm) of usable jaw.

SMALL Ergonomic Grip

A variant of our small pliers, these tools feature a greater overall length of 6” (150mm). The S-shaped handles provide more leverage and increase comfort.

MEDIUM 700 Series

★★★★★  Five-star Precision (Ultra)

Round nose 743   |   Chain nose 744

Excelta's premium 700-series pliers are precision-machined at our headquarters in Buellton, California. Milled from carbon steel, these pliers feature polished, hand-finished jaws with flame hardened tips \ that provide excellent strength and durability.

MEDIUM 11 Series

★★★  Three-star Precision (High)

Made in Italy, our 11 series pliers feature cushioned, ESD safe (1010 ohms/sq) grips and dual leaf springs. The stainless steel chain nose features flame hardened tips. The tool's overall length is 4.8” (120mm).

MEDIUM 2800 Series

★★  Two-star Precision (Fine)

The 2800 series are general purpose, stainless steel pliers for use where high precision is not necessary. All 2800 series tools feature molded ESD Safe (108 ohms/sq) grips and dual leaf springs.
For a longer option with padded grips, the 2800L series are 6” (150mm) in overall length and feature cushioned ESD safe grips (1010 ohms/sq) and dual leaf springs.

LARGE Large Pliers

★★  Two-star Precision (Fine)

Excelta's largest stainless steel pliers feature an overall length of 6.5” (165mm) and 1.5" to 2.0" of usable jaw for maximum leverage and gripping area. Each pair comes equipped with dual leaf springs for smooth action and soft cushion ESD safe (1010 ohms/sq) grips.

Nose Styles

Chain Nose

Most commonly used for manipulating wire, head and eye pins, and opening and closing wire loops, chain nose pliers are similar to needle nose, but may be shorter and are completely smooth on the inside. This prevents damage to the workpiece, while allowing a good amount of precision.

Needle Nose

For work in very narrow spaces or on very small objects, needle nose pliers can firmly grip, compress, and bend where other pliers may not fit. The outside of the nose is narrow and tapered, while the inside is flat. The inside of the jaw may be serrated to improve grip on certain models.

Bent Nose

Featuring a 60° bend at the tip, bent nose pliers are a versatile tool that are useful for creating twists in wire, picking up or placing screws or small items in tight spaces, or doing other work at a slight offset.

Flat Nose

These tools are ideal for straightening wires or component leads. The broarder surfaces and straight edges of the nose can facilitate the creation of sharp bends and right angles.

Round Nose

Featuring symmetrical, conical jaws, round nose pliers are often used to bend wire and create loops in a consistent, repeatable way. Working closer to the joint where the jaws are thickest will create larger loops, while working closer to the tip will create smaller loops.

Specialty Pliers

Cleanroom Pliers

★★  Two-star Precision (Fine)

Available in miniature and medium nose sizes, Excelta's cleanroom safe pliers feature dual leaf springs for smooth action. They are all made of AISI 440 stainless steel, are moderately corrosion resistant. They will withstand temperatures of up to 760 degrees C.

Replaceable Tip Soft Nose

Rounded Blunt | Square Blunt | Round & Flat

These pliers are useful in bending or straightening leads and wires when metal-to-metal contact is not desired. The jaws are screwed on and can be factory replaced when needed. Nylon, Acetal, and Brass tips are available.


These specialized pliers are designed to insert or extract dual in-line pin packages (DIP/IC) with great control and even application of force. Excelta offers small, medium, or large sizes to deal with specific components, as well as a version with teeth to deal with difficult to extract packages.

Concave-Convex Nose

These made-to-order small convex/concave nose forming pliers are designed for forming a "J Hook" on wires and leads. The jaw tapers from front to back facilitate forming various lead diameters. They feature dual leaf springs for smooth action.

Wide Nose

The 508 Series wide nose pliers are designed to straighten multiple leads in one easy operation. The 508C-US is designed to fit between rows of connector pins. Carbon Steel, Acetal, and Brass tips are available.