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Concave/Convex Nose

These small convex/concave nose forming pliers are designed for forming a "J Hook" on wires and leads. The jaw tapers from front to back facilitate forming various lead diameters. They feature dual leaf springs for smooth action.

  • MOLDED Grips - Antimicrobial ESD safe (10⁸ ohms/sq.)

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Item Precision Level OAL Unit Purchase
Plier -*****- Forming - 5.25" Carbon Steel (Concav
Plier -*****- Forming - 5.25" Carbon Steel (Concav
st@rst@rst@rst@rst@r<br><img src="/assets/site/img/usmade.png"> 5.25"<br>131mm<br><font color="#0d786f"><B>MOLDED Grips</font></B>, <div class="drawing"><p>Line Drawing</p><figure><img src="/assets/site/img/drawings/500-101-us.png"></div>
In Stock: 3 In Stock: 3
Plier -*****- Forming - 5.5" Carbon Steel (Concave
Plier -*****- Forming - 5.5" Carbon Steel (Concave
st@rst@rst@rst@rst@r<br>Larger Version<br><img src="/assets/site/img/USMade.png"> 5.5"<br>138mm<br><font color="#0d786f"><B>MOLDED Grips</font></B>, <div class="drawing"><p>Line Drawing</p><figure><img src="/assets/site/img/drawings/500-101a-us.png"></div>
In Stock: 2 In Stock: 2

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