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Our staff of experienced specialists can repair and recondition all brands and styles of your precision hand tools. In many cases, you can recondition and refurbish your hand tools at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new hand tools. Let Excelta Reconditioning be your partner!

Our skilled technicians will:

  1. Sharpen dull, chipped and unregistered cutting blades.
  2. Realign and repair joints
  3. Replace worn and/or damaged grips.
  4. Replace broken and/or damaged springs.
  5. Lubricate and buff when applicable.
  6. Upgrade grips and handles to be static dissipative and ESD safe (additional cost).

Your satisfaction is guaranteed up to the full price of the service charged for tool reconditioning. If unsatisfied, we will service the tool again (a maximum of 1 retouch) or credit your account accordingly.

What precision hand tools are repairable?

When in doubt, we recommend that you contact customer service with pictures and a description of the tool conditions. Broken tips, chipped blades, broken handles, and broken joints are all good examples of hand tools that are very difficult to repair, and will most likely be scrapped.

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Buellton CA 93427
Tel: 805.686.4534
Fax: 805.686.9005


Diagonal Cutters   $12.00
Hard Wire Cutters (Carbide Insert) $33.00
Anti Shock Cutters   $25.00


General Pliers   $12.00
Soft Tip Pliers (Delrin Inserts) $52.00


Fine Tip Tweezers (Swiss Style) $15.00
General Tweezers   $6.00
Cutting Tweezers   $15.00
Ergo Grip for Tweezers (add-on) $5.00

Hand Tools

Scissors General   $10.00
Scissors Carbide Blade   $26.00
Screwdrivers   $5.00
Specials/Forming Tools   $32.00

Net Price List: May 1st 2016
(All prices F.O.B. factory.)

Reconditioning & Repair Details

Reconditioning Process

  • Excelta technicians will attempt to keep the dimensions of points and tips as near to new as possible.
  • Excelta technicians have been trained to hold original manufacturing tolerance standards and specifications. However, technicians may need to modify the tip, jaw length, handle opening, and dimension points due to the nature of tool reconditioning. The amount of modification depends upon the condition of each tool at the time of reconditioning.
  • Excelta reserves the right to determine the viability of reconditioning any tool or group of tools depending on the tool condition on arrival. Tools with broken tips, severely chipped blades, broken handles, and/or broken joints will be automatically rejected from being reconditioned.
  • Excelta technicians reserve the right to attempt reconditioning, repair and maintenance to only tools in which it is determined to be reasonably repairable. Tools with broken tips, severely chipped blades, broken handles, and/or broken joints will be automatically rejected from being reconditioned. Otherwise, the tool will be returned at a charge to the customer.
  • Excelta will make a good faith effort to complete all refurbishing and maintenance on tools within 4 to 6 weeks. However, we reserve the right to extend return shipments beyond 6 weeks based on work load, tool condition, tool volume, and other unforeseen scheduling issues.

Terms of Service Details

  • We can recondition any BRAND and STYLE of precision hand tools.
  • Unrepairable tools will be returned at no charge.
  • Orders must be a minimum of $150 USD without prior approval.
  • We currently do not offer International services. Please stay tuned!
  • All prices are Free On Board Factory shipping to Excelta. We are not responsible for lost or missing shipments.
  • Customer orders will be billed for return shipping and insurance costs for refurbished tools and for unfinished tools requested.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed on each tool up to the full per piece repair price of the tool being reconditioned or maintained up to 15 business days after the tool ships.
  • All orders are assessed a non-refundable 20% prepayment which is applied to the total cost of reconditioning.
  • Net 30 payment terms are available for established customers in good credit standing. Otherwise, a 20% non-refundable deposit is required up front with the balance due before return shipment.
  • Repairs typically take between 4 to 6 weeks to complete after being received. We reserve the right to extend repair times based on work volume, hand tool condition, and other unavoidable circumstances.

Release of Liability

The above Terms of Service releases Excelta from all liability relating to tool damages that may occur during the tool reconditioning process. Customer acknowledges the risks involved in tool reconditioning. These include but are not limited to broken tips, severely chipped blades, broken handles, and/or broken joints. By agreeing to the Terms of Service, customer agrees to hold Excelta entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for damaged tools, regardless of whether the damages are caused by negligence; and forfeits all right to bring a suit against Excelta for any reason related to compensation for the tools being reconditioned. In return, the customer will receive an honest, good faith effort by Excelta to repair the provided used tools.