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Tweezers (or Forceps) are an extention of our fingers and they allow us to grab, grip, place, remove or hold items that are too small or delicate for our fingers to manipulate. The size and shape of the items we grab, grip, place or hold necessitate the need for a variety of tweezer tip styles and shapes. The tips can be flat, round, pointed, bent or square. In addition, the tweezer bodies can be straight, bent, curved or angled for greater accessibility to the objects they are required to handle.

  • Precision Levels   What's the difference between one-star and five-star precision? Learn more about our precision rating system to find the right balance of value and precision for your task.
  • Types of Tips   From micro-fine to paddle, cutting to component handling, Excelta's tweezers sport a range of specialized tips. If your job requires the "business end" of your tweezers to have a specific shape, start here.
  • Tweezer Categories   Learn more about Excelta's tweezer categories, including our flagship Cobaltima line, our best-in-class cutting tweezers, and many more.

5 Levels of Precision


Ultra Precision

Made in Switzerland from 40% cobalt alloy steel, harder than stainless steel, anti-magnetic, excellent resistance to corrosion and resistant to temperature up to 500°C (932°F). Used with very high magnification.


Exotic Metals-Coatings

Made of titanium alloy, super neverust® or diamond coated tips. These three materials are stronger than the standard AISI 303/304 stainless steel, extending the life of the tips. In addition, solder will not stick to the titanium alloy and it is very light weight and temperature resistant.


High Precision

Precision grade tweezers made from neverust® anti-magnetic stainless steel, stainless steel, or carbon steel and are manufactured in Switzerland with high precision points. The perfect choice when working under 5X to 10X magnification.


Fine Precision

Standard grade “PI” tweezers are manufactured in Italy with fine precision points at a lower cost. Used with low magnification.

General Precision

General Precision Grade “SE” tweezers are manufactured for general purpose work when magnification is not required.


Types of Tips

Micro Fine Tips

When working under high magnification with tweezers/forceps it is critical that the points are exactly the same size and meet precisely. Many of these tweezers have relieved tips allowing for excellent visibility under a scope.

Fine Tips

These very fine tipped tweezers can be used for low magnification applications, or for work being done without the use of a scope.

Medium Tips

General purpose tweezers with semi-fine tips are used for any work done without a microscope.

Blunt Strong Tips

Blunt strong tipped tweezers are the work horse of tweezers. Most of these tweezers can be dropped without much damage to the tips. They last much longer than fine or micro fine tipped tweezers, but lack the accuracy of finer tipped tweezers.

Flat Tips

Flat tip tweezers are used for everything from placing and removing labels, to picking up flat items like lenses. These tips are generally rounded.

Application Specific Tips

We create application specific tweezers for ANY application. Over the years certain applications have repeated, prompting us to categorize these application specific tweezers. Those categories include cutting tweezers, paddle tip tweezers, wafer tweezers, miniature tweezers, cross-action tweezers, ergonomic tweezers and component handling tweezers.

Tweezer Categories

Ultra Precision Cobalt

Cobaltima® tweezers are the ultimate in high precision, featuring the smallest and most precise tips available. Made of a 40% cobalt alloy, these tools are extremely hard, temperature resistant to 932°F (500°C) and corrosion resistant.

A slim .04"(1mm) body with serrated grips facilitates light pressure use, and rounded tips help eliminate marring and scratching of delicate parts.

Conventional Style Tweezers

Standard stainless steel tweezers from 4.25" (106mm) to 5.5" (138mm) in length. Excelta offers a range of tip styles including straight, curved, angled and flat at several precision levels and strengths. Coated grips, serrations and knurling, and various other options and variants are available.

Hard Metal Tweezers

Several of our most popular style tweezers are now offered in alternative materials and coatings to increase performance, including titanium, ceramic, and diamond.

Teflon-coated Tweezers are also available in 3 different quality grades.

Reverse Action Tweezers

Available with fine, blunt, or carbon fiber tips, Excelta's reverse action tweezers are great for sorting, handling and general assembly tasks. Because these tweezers are closed at rest, they are ideal for holding items for an extended period of time.

Miniature Tweezers

Several of our General Purpose, Cobaltima, and Replaceable Tip tweezers are available in miniature sizes. Explore this category to find models as short as 2.75" (69mm).

Ergonomic Tweezers

Featuring our Ergo-Tweeze® soft cushioned ESD safe (1010 ohms/sq) grips, these tweezers are comfortable to use for extended periods of time. A range of precision levels are available, from our extreme precision Cobaltima to general purpose models.

We also offer cleanroom safe tweezers with TPV rubber cushioned handles

Small Parts Handling Tweezers

These specialized tweezers are purpose-built to excel at their unique tasks. Excelta's offerings include:

  • Thru-hole, for handling round devices
  • Hole-in-tip, for holding wires or small cylinders
  • SMD handling, for installing surface mount devices
Can be customized to fit your components.

Wafer Handling Tweezers

These specially designed tweezers are ideal for handling wafers of various sizes. The width of the tip determines the size of the wafer it will handle.

Wafer sizes range from 3" to 8".

Replaceable Tip Tweezers

These soft-tipped tweezers feature easy to install replaceable tips and are perfect for handling delicate items.

Tip materials include:

  • Acetal Homopolymer
  • Acetal Copolymer
  • Carbon Fiber
  • PEEK

Plastic Tweezers

Available in either glass-filled acetal or conductive polypropylene, these all-plastic tweezers will guarantee that wires and components are not scratched or marred while handling.

Cutting Tweezers

Designed to cut soft wire with comfort and precision, Excelta's line of cutting tweezers include models with epoxy coatings, ESD grips, relieved and miniature heads, and a variety of blade shapes and angles.

Ceramic Tweezers

Excelta's cleanroom safe Ceramic Tipped tweezers feature replaceable ceramic heads. Zirconia ceramic is six times harder than stainless steel, non-magnetic and chemically inert. Solder will not adhere to the surface, and they have a working temperature of over 2000°F.

Tweezer Kits

Our tweezer kits come neatly packaged in wood, plastic or vinyl display cases and include a set of tools of a given precision level.