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The style 5A is a 10° offset angled and tapered ultra-fine pointed tweezers and is primarily used for microscopy. The offset angle offers easy access and is designed for good visibility.

Item Precision Level Material Tip Size (CTM) OAL Unit Purchase
Tweezer -***- Offset Tapered Ultra Fine - 4.5" SS
st@rst@rst@r<br><img src-"assets/site/img/sm.png"> <div class="stainless-steel"></div>AISI 440 <div class="drawing"><P>Line Drawing<f><img src="assets/site/img/drawings/5A-Sdwg.jpg"></div>.003" x .005"<br>.08mm x .13mm <br>4.5"<br>113mm
In Stock: 46 In Stock: 46
Tweezers - Offset Ultra Fine Point -***- Anti-Mag.
st@rst@rst@r<br><img src-"assets/site/img/sm.png"> <div class="anti-mag-stainless-steel"></div>AISI 316L <div class="drawing"><P>Line Drawing<f><img src="assets/site/img/drawings/5A-SAdwg.jpg"></div>.003" x .005"<br>.08mm x .13mm <br>4.5"<br>113mm
Out of Stock In Stock
Tweezer - **- Offset Tapered Ultra Fine - 4.5" SS/
st@rst@r <div class="anti-mag-stainless-steel"></div>AISI 316L <div class="drawing"><P>Line Drawing<f><img src="assets/site/img/drawings/5A-SA-PIdwg.jpg"></div>N/A 4.5"<br>113mm
In Stock: 260 In Stock: 260
Tweezer - *- Offset Tapered Ultra Fine - 4.5" SS
st@r<br><b>Sold in multiples of 6 <div class="stainless-steel"></div>AISI 440 <div class="drawing"><P>Line Drawing<f><img src="assets/site/img/drawings/5A-S-SEdwg.jpg"></div>N/A 4.5"<br>113mm
In Stock: 175 In Stock: 175
Tweezer - *- Offset Tapered Ultra Fine - 4.5" SS/A
st@r<br><b>Sold in multiples of 6 <div class="anti-mag-stainless-steel"></div>AISI 201 <div class="drawing"><P>Line Drawing<f><img src="assets/site/img/drawings/5A-SA-SEdwg.jpg"></div>N/A 4.5"<br>113mm
In Stock: 81 In Stock: 81

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