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Acetal Tipped Tweezers - Straight

These straight soft replaceable tip tweezers feature Acetal tips which are electrically insulative and resistant to temperatures up to 185°F. The bodies are made of anti-magnetic Neverust® stainless steel (AISI 316L). Excellent for cleanroom applications and for avoiding the marring or scratching of items being handled. All replacement tips come complete with 2 tips and 4 screws.

Item Precision Level Tip Size (CTM) OAL Unit Purchase
Tweezer -***- Straight - Replaceable .04" Tip - 5
st@rst@rst@r .038" X .04"<br>.95mm X 1mm 5"<br>(125mm)
In Stock: 393 In Stock: 393
Tweezer -***- Acetal Replacement Tips - for 159B-
st@rst@rst@r<br><B>Replacement Tips for 159B-RTW</B> .038" X .04"<br>.95mm X 1mm
In Stock: 50 In Stock: 50
Tweezer -***- Straight - Replaceable .08" Tip - 5"
st@rst@rst@r .055" x .08"<br>1.38mm x 2mm 5"<br>(125mm)
In Stock: 44 In Stock: 44
Tweezer -***- Acetal Replacement tips - for 159C-
st@rst@rst@r<br><B>Replacement Tips for 159C-RTW</B> .055" x .08"<br>1.38mm x 2mm
In Stock: 28 In Stock: 28
Tweezer -***- Straight - Replaceable .060" Tip - 5
st@rst@rst@r .015" X .06"<br>.38mm X 1.5mm 5"<br>(125mm)
In Stock: 176 In Stock: 176
Tweezer -***- Acetal Replacement Tips - for 159D-R
st@rst@rst@r<br><B>Replacement Tips for 159D-RTW</B> .015" X .06"<br>.38mm X 1.5mm
In Stock: 93 In Stock: 93

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