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Anti-Static Brushes - Plastic Handles

These are Anti-Static (10⁸ - 10¹⁰ ohms/sq) cleaning brushes. These brushes are soft except for the 197-ESD which is medium.

Item Precision Level Tip Size (CTM) OAL Body Width Unit Purchase
Brush -**- 6" Soft ESD-Safe
st@rst@r<br>Soft .019" X .5"<br>.48mm X 12.5mm 6"<br>150mm .019"<br>.48mm
In Stock: 64 In Stock: 64
Brush -**- 5.75" Soft ESD-Safe
st@rst@r<br>Soft .13" X .13"<br>3.25mm X 3.25mm 5.75"<br>144mm .13"<br>3.25mm
In Stock: 141 In Stock: 141
Brush -**- 6.5" Three Rows - ESD-Safe
st@rst@r<br>Medium .38" X 1.25"<br>9.5mm X 31.25mm 6.75"<br>170mm .375"<br>9.38mm
In Stock: 261 In Stock: 261

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