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Multiple Lead Cutters/Flat Pack Formers

These tools cut multiple leads and then form them into a dog leg in one easy operation.

  • LONG TealShield™ Antimicrobial Cushioned grips - Anti-Static (10¹⁰ ohms/sq)
  • MOLDED TealShield™ Antimicrobial Grips - Anti-Static (10¹⁰ ohms/sq)

  • 500-13A-US forms a "Gull Wing" and cuts multiple leads (.375" wide) to length on flat packs.
  • 907-13A forms a "Gull Wing" and cuts multiple leads (.50" wide) to length on flat packs.
  • 500-13B-US forms a ''Gull Wing' and cuts multiple leads (.25" wide) to length on QFP and SOIC packages.
  • 907-IC cuts and forms up to 8 I.C. leads. Leads are cut and formed out or in for surface mounting of standard D.I.P/IC.

Item Precision Level Max Cut Capacity OAL Unit Purchase
Plier/Cutter -*****- Flat Pack Forming - 5" Carbon
<img src="/assets/site/img/usfin.png"> .010"<br>.25mm<br>30AWG 5"<br>125mm<br><font color="0d786f"><B>MOLDED Grips</font></B>, <div class="drawing"><p>Line Drawing</p><figure><img src="/assets/site/img/drawings/500-13A-USdwg.jpg">
In Stock: 3 In Stock: 3
Plier/Cutter -*****- Shear Cut - 5.5" Carbon Steel
<img src="/assets/site/img/usfin.png"> .010"<br>.25mm<br>30AWG 5.5"<br>138mm<br><B>LONG Grips</font>, <br><div class="drawing"><p>Line Drawing</p><figure><img src="/assets/site/img/drawings/907-13Adwg.jpg">
In Stock: 5 In Stock: 5
Plier/Cutter -*****- Flat Pack Forming - 5.25" Car
st@rst@rst@rst@rst@r<br><b><a href="">Click Here for a video</A></b>, <img src="/assets/site/img/usmade.png"> .010"<br>.25mm<br>30AWG 5.5"<br>138mm<br><font color="#0d786f"><B>MOLDED Grips</font></B>, <div class="drawing"><p>Line Drawing</p><figure><img src="/assets/site/img/drawings/500-13B-USdwg.jpg">
In Stock: 2 In Stock: 2
Plier/Cutter -*****- Forming - 6.5" Carbon Steel M
<img src="/assets/site/img/usfin.png"> .010"<br>.25mm<br>30AWG 6.5"<br>163mm<br><B>LONG Grips</font>, <div class="drawing"><p>Line Drawing</p><figure><img src="/assets/site/img/drawings/907-ICdwg.jpg">
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