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These straight replaceable tip tweezers feature soft copolymer tips that are static dissapative (10⁶-10⁷ ohms/sq), temperature resistant to 195° F (90°C), and silicone/chloride free. They are the ideal tweezers for work in the cleanroom. The body is made of anti-magnetic Neverust® stainless steel (AISI 316L). The 179DN-RT additionally features reverse action. All replacement tips come complete with 2 tips and 2 screws

Item Precision Level Tip Size (CTM) OAL Unit Purchase
Tweezer -****- Straight - Replaceable .02" Tip - 5
st@rst@rst@rst@r<br><img src="/assets/site/img/sm.png"> <div class="drawing"><P>Line Drawing<f><img src="assets/site/img/drawings/179A-RTdwg.jpg"></div>.010" x .02"<br>.25mm x .5mm <br>5.125"<br>128mm
In Stock: 106 In Stock: 106
Tweezer -****- Copolymer Replacement Tips - for 17
st@rst@rst@rst@r<br>Replacement Tips for 179A-RT<br><img src="/assets/site/img/sm.png"> .010" x .02"<br>.25mm x .5mm
Out of Stock In Stock
Tweezer -****- Straight - Replaceable .06 Tip - 5"
st@rst@rst@rst@r<br><img src="/assets/site/img/sm.png"> <div class="drawing"><P>Line Drawing<f><img src-"assets/site/img/drawings/179D-RTdwg.jpg@></div>.025" x .06"<br>.625mm x 1.5mm <br>5.125"<br>128mm
In Stock: 351 In Stock: 351
Tweezer -****- Straight - Replaceable .08" Tip - C6
st@rst@rst@rst@r<br>Reverse Action<br><img src="/assets/site/img/sm.png"> <div class="drawing"><P>Line Drawing<f><img src-"assets/site/img/drawings/179DN-RTdwg.jpg@></div>.025" x .06"<br>.625mm x 1.5mm <br>5.5"<br>138mm
In Stock: 10 In Stock: 10
Tweezer -****- Copolymer Replacement Tips - for 17
st@rst@rst@rst@r<br>Replacement tips for 179D-RT & 179DN-RT<br><img src="/assets/site/img/sm.png"> .025" x .06"<br>.625mm x 1.5mm
Expected by 2022-06-30 In Stock

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