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I appreciate the excellent service!
Rod Parks
Hagemeyer NA
That’s fantastic service, thank you Jamie. I’ll be sure to recommend you guys.
Greg stopped by with Frank to show us the new cutters you currently have. He asked us how everyone at your facility is treating everyone at Technimark and I told him you guys were all great. I did tell him I love working with Jamie.
“We have an emergency in Costa Rica. Could you please help us sending the above to our customer using their DHL account? Please let me know if this can be done and I will send the PO.” -Thank you Excelta team for all your help on this one today You guys are awesome!!! .”
Jacqueline Martin
Production Automation Corporation
Thanks for the great service
Peter Meeuws
I have worked with Dave for over 20 years and the products he puts out are the best products in the industry. He has solved many customers needs over the years
Kimball Olsen