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Tools for Use Under Magnification

Excelta Precision Tools for use Under Magnification

When it comes to microscopy, Excelta offers the most precise tools in the industry.  ‘Precisely Right’ is our motto.


Our Cobaltima Series of tweezers have tips as small as .002” x .001”, with radius inside edges.  Instead of 1.5mm steel we us 1mm steel for a very light soft touch, along with finger grooves for extra grip.

Miniature Tweezers

Our Cobaltima Series of mini-tweezers in addition to having extremely precise small tips, have an overall length of just 3 1/8”, making them ideal for microscopy.

Cutting Tweezers

For cutting under a scope there’s nothing like cutting tweezers.  Very fine tips precisely aligned give a nice clean cut on extremely small objects.


While the industry standard probe tip size is 10 mil, our 332 and 335 series offer 1 mil tip size.

Mini Spatulas (Oilers)

These high precision spatulas come in .010” - .025” tips.


Swiss Precision extra fine bladed 360 series  offers the most precise cutting blades in the industry and are designed to cut the  finest wires and/or materials out there.