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Tools For Electronics Assembly

For over 50 years Excelta has been the foremost innovator, manufacturer and supplier of pliers, tweezers and cutters used in the assembly of electronic products. 

Tweezers and Forceps

Today we offer over 300 styles of tweezers in up to 17 different materials and in five quality grades, designed to assist in the manufacture of electronics from the most mundane assembly to assembly using 50X magnification.  These tweezers grip, move, hold, cut or strip wires, leads, components and just about anything that’s too small, hot, delicate or sterile for the human hands to touch.  All of these tweezers can be equipped with ESD ergonomic cushioned grips.

High Precision American Made Wire Cutters

All of our precision cutters are designed for soft wire.  They are made of the finest carbon tool steel, extruded, precision ground and induction hardened for long life and durability.  They can all be refurbished for a nominal cost to extend the life, in many cases, up to 500,000 cuts.

High Precision Pliers

Our 2600, 2800 and 2900 series pliers are made of high quality AISI 440 Stainless Steel.  Most of our competitors make pliers of carbon steel and oxidation is a problem.  These also come standard with ESD ergonomic grips and feature dual spring action.

Other Assembly Aides

We also offer picks, probes, spatulas, brushes, loops, lighted magnifiers, vacuum pickup tools and testers all designed for electronic assembly.

Custom Hand Tools

Don't see a tool that will work for you? Visit our custom tools page to request a quote for our team of experts to create a tool for your specific application.