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Excelta History - 1970's

By EXCELTA Corporation on Apr 28, 2016 at 04:26 PM in What's New


In the 1960’s and 1970’s, Excelta hand tools were already widely known in the up-and-coming aerospace, and electronics industry. What isn’t widely known was the origins of the precision hand tool industry.  Precision hand tools were originally produced for Swiss watchmakers and repairmen. The tool development began in Switzerland because the government mandated that the Alpine country produce the finest of products which required fine, precision made, quality hand tools. A few very talented artisans and entrepreneurs quickly answered the mandate for watchmaker tools. It wasn’t until the marriage of an old timekeeping industry and the era of high technology did Excelta explode onto the scene as a supplier of choice for many of the big name technology and aerospace companies you know today.
The late Jerome Dalseme, founder and former President of Excelta, brought precision tools to America by way of England. Shortly after World War II, Jerome's family emigrated from France to England where he went to work in a small watchmakers supply house and developed a lasting relationship with highly skilled Swiss artisans. He worked closely within the industry for many years creating, producing, and selling many of the tools other suppliers source today under different brand names. In the mid-1950’s, he brought his family and his knowledge of precision hand tools to the United States around the same time the Hughes Aircraft Company had a demand for small hand tools in military and civilian applications. Additionally, as the American economy flourished, new industries such as Silicon Valley began having needs for Swiss watchmaker tools. It was serendipity. The timing and fit were perfect. Precision tools for precision electronics, and aerospace manufacturing were a necessity for American ingenuity and leadership.
With a lot of hard work and a little luck, Excelta has endured and prospered through 3 generations. We are proud of the history we have helped build in our industry. And, we look forward to the future we are building for the next 60 years with our customers.