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The Excelta Guarantee

By EXCELTA Corporation on Nov 24, 2015 at 03:54 PM in Featured Articles
When an Excelta tool fails prematurely, our first course of action is to look at the application. Recently we had a customer comment that the Teflon coating on a 2A-SA-TC tweezer was wearing off after one day.  The customer said the tweezer was being used to apply and remove labels on printed circuit boards. As it turned out, the customer was also using the tweezer to pry open the cell phone case! No question the Teflon coating will not withstand that type of application.

Excelta wants its customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase. Every now and then we get calls to replace tools that have failed prematurely. Usually it's a case of 'misapplication'. Sometimes, replacing the tool doesn't make sense because chances are the new tool may also fail if used for the same application. Finding the correct tool is the answer.

We want happy customers! Don't be afraid to ask for a certified representative when a customer experiences problems with our tools. Excelta would like your experience with us to be Precisely Right!