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Different Strokes for Different Folks!

By Jim LaFrance on Jun 30, 2014 at 08:56 AM in Precision Hand Tools

Tweezers? We all think of tweezers that fit between our index finger and our thumb. When we squeeze, they close. When we release, they open. These work great for picking up something small and placing it. What if you had to hold that small something for one minute?

Reverse Action Tweezers by Excelta

We should design a tweezer that has tips that are closed when it's not being used. We could make it so that when you want to use it, you squeeze it and the tips open! What a novel idea!!! Welcome to the "REVERSE ACTION" or "NEGATIVE ACTION" or "CROSS ACTION" tweezers.

These "reverse action" tweezers have two applications worth noting:

1) For inspection applications, where a small item must be held for a length of time while being inspected. In this case, once the small item is picked up, the operator does not have to continually apply pressure to the tweezer to maintain the grasp of it - the tweezer does all the work! 

2) For handling delicate items, the neat part of the 'reverse action' tweezer is the tweezer decides how much force is used to pick up an item, not the operator. 

"Reverse action" tweezers feature the same types of tips offered on standard tweezers. For example, if you usually use a 7-SA curved tweezer, the reverse action part would be DN-7-SA. The 2A-SA would be the DN-2A-SA.

The "reverse action" tweezers are not for everyone, but they certainly do have some interesting applications!