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Types of Cuts

By Greg Johnson on May 29, 2014 at 08:51 AM in Precision Hand Tools

Excelta Lazer Line offers different styles of cutters which are designated Optimum Flush, Maximum Flush, and Semi-Flush.  These descriptions refer to the angle of the outside cutting edge. 

Types of Cuts

The Optimum Flush cut is designed to reduce the amount of pinch left on the cut wire and can be thought of as, two razor blades coming together with a bevel on the cutting edge of .001" to .003".  This type of cut will also help eliminate damage to components by reducing the amount of shock transmitted through the lead when the cut is made. 

The Maximum Flush cut has a blade bevel of .003" to .005".  This slightly larger hone allows extended life while still providing a Flush cut.  Flush cuts help produce cleaner, more reliable connection during the soldering operation. 

If a Flush cut is not required, a Semi-Flush cutter will produce more cuts over the lifetime of the cutter.  The Excelta Lazer Line Semi-Flush cutters have a blade bevel of .010" to 012".  This bevel provides the longest life and produces the largest pinch on the cut material.