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Cutting Tweezer Modifications

By Jim LaFrance on Aug 28, 2013 at 12:23 PM in Tweezers and Forceps

Cutting tweezers are a hot item today.  But how do you know which one will work best for your application, and what if you find something that is the right size, but needs a modified cutting style?

While Excelta has stocked many styles of cutting tweezers for years, we now offer modifications to any of our stock cutting tweezers to make it easy for you to get tools Precisely Right for your unique application

-OF, Optimum Flush

Optimum Flush cutting blades remove the small "hone" from the cutting blades, allowing them to provide the smoothest finish to the cut surface.

Special Cutting Tweezers with Parallel Cutting Blades

-PB, Parallel Cutting Blades

All Excelta cutting tweezers are designed as "tip" cutters (the tips close down and with added pressure more of the edges will meet).  The PB modification allows both blades to meet over most of the cutting edge surface.

-ET, Ergo-Tweeze

Excelta offers the option to add an ESD Safe soft foam cushion grip to any of our cutting tweezers. The Ergo-Tweeze helps prevent operator fatigue and adds an ESD safe barier to between the user and the components being cut.