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Reconditioning for All Brands of Tweezers, Diagonal Cutters, Scissors and Pliers

By EXCELTA Corporation on Jun 25, 2013 at 11:03 AM in Press Releases
Reconditioning Tweezers, Diagonal Cutters, Scissors and Pliers

Buellton, CA – Excelta Corporation, known for being precisely right for their top of the line tweezers, pliers, cutters, and other precision hand tool technology, is also the only authorized nationwide reconditioning service for all brands of tweezers, diagonal cutters, scissors and pliers.

Reconditioned Tweezers Saves Time and Money

“Reconditioning saves time and money,” says Greg Johnson, Vice President of Sales at Excelta Corporation. “Sharp and functional tools reduce operator fatigue while also extending the operational life of your tools. So many companies do not know that hand technology reconditioning is an option for pliers, cutters, scissors or tweezers.  We offer reconditioning on all brands and return un-repairable tools at no charge. A small step to recondition precision tool technology can save a lot in operational costs and reduce waste.”

Tool Reconditioning Service

Excelta’s reconditioning service is called ERCON.  The tool reconditioning service for all brands of tweezers, diagonal cutters, scissors and pliers includes:

  • Sharpening of cutting blades
  • Joint realignment
  • Replacement of broken or damaged springs
  • Replacement of worn grips and sleeves
  • Polishing and lubrication

**There is a $25 minimum on reconditioning orders.

Reconditioning precision hand tools extends the operational life of tools.  This can increase productivity and reduce company expenses.  ERCON is the only nationwide reconditioning service.  It is controlled by Excelta trained specialists.  ERCON Reconditioning Specialists recondition all brands, not just tools sold through

For more information on precision tool sharpening and reconditioning to more cuts for your dollar by extending your tool life, contact Greg Johnson at [email protected] or 805 694-2102.