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EXCELTA - May 2013 Newsletter

By EXCELTA Corporation on May 31, 2013 at 10:55 AM in Newsletters

Stainless Steel Cutting Tweezers

Cutting tweezers were originally developed in Switzerland for cutting hairsprings in watch mechanisms.  Today, cutting tweezers are used to cut wire, soft plastic and many other materials commonly found in our industry.  Cutting tweezers are typically made of high carbon steel content to ensure strong cutting blades, but Carbon Steel has poor corrosion resistance. Excelta addressed the issue several years ago and introduced cutting tweezers with black ESD safe epoxy coating.  As our customer base has become more and more bio-medical, we have been asked for 15A-GW style cutting tweezers made from Stainless in order to prevent rust and corrosion without a coating. 


Excelta is now proud to present our 15A-GW-S and 15A-RW-S made entirely from Stainless Steel. This steel is not as hard as carbon steel because it contains alloys which resist rust and can withstand temperatures of 400 degrees C, and cannot be autoclaved.


By: Greg Johnson

Earthquakes: 4.6 Earthquake Hits Santa Barbara, Isla Vista, CA.Tsunami Warning Issued



A 4.6 earthquake rocked California early Wednesday morning hitting Isla Vista, in the Santa Barbara County. 
The quake resulted in no injuries and no reported damage. According to a U.S. Geological Study, or USGS, the quake struck Isla Vista, at 7:38 a.m., a seismologist ranking the natural occurrence as "light" on the Richter scale.

Excelta on YouTube

As a key part of our ongoing process to make finding Excelta product information easy to find, we are continuing to add and update product demonstration videos of the "Custom Designed Special" tools to our YouTube channel. These videos can be viewed on our website on the corresponding product detail page and all of the videos can be seen by clicking on the YouTube button on the Excelta homepage.


Keep in mind that our website has excellent pictures, blowups and dimensional information on each and every one of our tools.  We are constantly working to make the definitive resource for all Excelta products.


By: Cory Ryan

Water Cooler 

Water CoolerCongratulations to our winners of the Water Cooler question from the April Issue of the Excelta Express. The winners were Jeanne Cherry from HMC, Andy Gates from All-Spec, & David Kelkis from All-Spec


This month's question is, 
"What's the part number on Excelta's new 10X PEAK loupe?

The 1st, 5th, & 8th correct answers will get a prize!


E-mail your answer to: [email protected] by EOD 5/31 for a chance to WIN! 

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