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What type of Metal?

By Jim LaFrance on Mar 28, 2013 at 10:14 AM in Tweezers and Forceps

When selecting the tweezer that is precisely right for your specific application, there are many factors to consider.  Excelta's Five Star System takes the guesswork out of selecting the right tool, but there are still variables to consider that apply to critically sensitive applications where magnetism, corrosion and precision are of utmost importance. 

Let’s take one of our more popular Excelta tweezer designs, the 3C, for this brief lesson in selecting the right tweezer material for your application...

3C – The Excelta 3C tweezer is composed of carbon steel, is highly magnetic and has low rust resistance.  If your application environment is low in humidity and magnetism isn’t an issue, the benefit of using a carbon tweezer is the superior strength of the flame-hardened tips which provide tremendous durability and product lifespan.  

3C-S – The Excelta 3C-S tweezer is composed of AISI 420F Stainless Steel, with some Carbon content, making this series less magnetic and with tips that are less durable.  While the tips will not be quite as hard as the Carbon steel tweezer, the 3C-S has better rust resistance than the 3C, but can still oxidize under extreme exposure.  

3C-SA – The Excelta 3C-SA tweezer is made of AISI 316L stainless steel which has very low carbon content.  For this reason it is extremely rust resistance while at the same time offering an ANTI-magnetic property (low magnetic receptivity).  AISI 316L stainless steel is also much softer than AISI 420F Stainless or Carbon Steel, so tip strength is the trade-off.  It’s also worthy to note that while this stainless steel is ANTI-magnetic, heat and/or friction may cause some magnetism.

3C-TA – The Excelta 3C-TA tweezer is made of a titanium alloy.  It is completely NON-magnetic and heat resistant to 806 Degrees F.  The 3C-TA is lightweight compared to carbon or stainless tweezers and is highly resistant to most acids.  It is the ideal tweezer for soldering applications (solder will not adhere to the tips).  As an added bonus, the tips are much stronger than the 3C-SA (AISI 316L stainless steel).

3C-CO – The Excelta 3C-CO Cobaltima tweezer is made of a 40% Cobalt Steel alloy.  It features the perfect combination of strength and durability.  Superior to the best stainless steel, these tweezers have tips insensitive to fatigue that maintain their elasticity.  The hardness of the tips is progressive; reaching its peak in the deployment-zone where we have measured a Rockwell C hardness of 63/64!!  In addition, the 3C-CO offers excellent resistance to corrosion, resistance to temperatures up to 932 degrees F, is anti-magnetic, and is designed with finger serrations for an improved grip.