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Restoring Quality

By Bob Powledge on Mar 11, 2013 at 12:42 PM in Small Precision Tools

Excelta has always prided itself on offering tools in a number of different quality levels, so that individual tools may be closely matched to the specific needs of our customers and their applications. Sometimes the additional features of our higher-end tools have real benefits. At other times, our more basic versions will meet the needs of the customer’s application nicely. The trick is in helping customers understand when features, like “MP” burnishing on our tweezers, are of real value to their application.

This has become a big issue, especially when we realize that we operate in a time where purchase price, and not overall cost, seems to sometimes be the only factor that gets considered. It is not unusual to find a customer who has been moved from a 3-Star tool to a 2-Star tool (or even a 1-Star) in the name of saving a few dollars on the purchase price. Often, this change happens when a well-meaning distributor attempts to save the customer a few dollars by “downgrading” a level – though sometimes the change eliminates the very advantage that made the original tool correct for the customer’s application in the first place.

On a recent joint sales call to Geospace in Houston, we found an example of just this type of change. The customer, who is manipulating tiny copper coil wire, had been moved from a better grade tweezer to a lower one by another distributor, only to increase the number of wire breaks that they experienced. Sure, they saved a few dollars on tweezer costs, but at the price of increased damage and rework.

A careful review of their process allowed us to return the customer to a higher quality tweezer, the MP-Series in this case, for the application. Looking at other applications in the same facility found less critical jobs where we could and offset the increased cost.

Net result? A happy customer with tools better-suited to both applications, and no budget downside.