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Anti-Shock Shear Cutters - 530E-US

By Greg Johnson on Mar 11, 2013 at 12:40 PM in Featured Articles

Anti-Shock Shear Cutters - 530E-US



Even though military accounts are not as active today as in years past, they still have money to spend and mil-specs to meet.  Excelta "Anti-Shock Shear Cutters" were designed in the late 70's and the early 80's working with military type accounts to meet their mil-spec application requirements.  These precision cutters transfer less shock into the components while ensuring a flush cut to a given standoff. 

Today, Excelta still produces "Anti-Shock Shear Cutters" in many different head configurations.  Our most popular 530E-US comes standard with a .040 cut-off and a tip width of .140.  We make thin tip models with a tip width of .050 (530EA-US) and a variety of other head sizes and jaw lengths.  All cut-off lengths can be modified to your customer's specification at no extra charge.  Excelta "Anti-Shock Shear Cutters" also outlast conventional compression cutters two or three to one because you do not have sharpened edges colliding with each other on every cut.