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All About Cutting Tweezers

By Jim LaFrance on Mar 11, 2013 at 10:34 AM in Small Precision Tools

Cutting tweezers were invented in the early 1900’s in the Jura ‘Ajoie’ region of Switzerland.  A passionate craftsman, crazy about watches, developed this unique tweezer for cutting the hairsprings inside the mechanical workings of wind-up watches.

This cutting style of tweezers was introduced into the electronic assembly industry in the 1960’s. 

Today the cutting tweezer is used in Bio-medical device assembly, Military electronics assembly as well as several commercial applications.  The most popular style used today is the 15A-GW.  There are several other head shapes available. The 14A-GW cutting tweezer has a thinner, light weight body and a 25% smaller head, than the standard 15A-GW.  The 15A-RW cutting tweezer has a relieved face with a rounded tip.  The 15A-C cutting tweezer features shorter blades than the 15A-GW.  The 15A-SW cutting tweezer comes with a rounded face to provide greater visibility when trimming small objects.